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Rrd Type Conv 10

Created by fifis101 > 9 months ago, 5 Sep 2018
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5 Sep 2018 8:53AM
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Hi everyone,

I am new to the site and look forward to getting into the sport.

I just bought myself a second hand RRD Type Conv 10. I know this is an old kite but it's in amazing good condition, like it's hardly been used at all. It only arrived yesterday so I haven't opened up the kite yet but I did check out the harness, bar and rigging but I wasn't 100% sure what I was looking at. I assume being an older kite that things have changed since then and everything I have looked at recently in store or online doesn't exactly look like the older stuff I have.

It looks like the kite is set up with 2 lines as the centre lines and chicken loop were wrapped up on a line holder and not on the bar.

I am a little confused with the old chicken loop, there's no donkey stick and the length adjustment seems to be a tri-glide buckle style with bugger all length adjustment. The section of rope can just be pulled out of the bottom of the length adjuster, so I'm not sure how this gets locked off. Maybe the ball down near the loop has something to do with that. There is a small piece of black tube on the end of the rope but I think it's meant to be in the webbing of the length adjustment as there's one in the top end.

The loop that's on the back of the bar is new to me. It's just velcro'ed on, so easily removed. Can anyone fill me in what it is and used for? Is it how you fly with 2 lines?

The red line splits at the fly line. One goes to the bar and the other to a velcro strap. I assume this is some sort of safety line?

I have attached some photos with notes to help explain. If anyone can give me some insight that would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,

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5 Sep 2018 4:36PM
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Hi Josh if the kite's as old as the bar looks I'd suggest not to use it and look at getting something newer.
I think I'd be correct to say the general consensus is a 2012 or newer kite and matching bar to learn on. There's a heap of well priced Airush, Ozone, Switch, Cab & North kites on SB in the used market (there's heaps of other brands as well). Hopefully someone who is familiar with RRD can add some more comments.
Where bouts in Tassie are u located? If your up Stanley way drop me a PM, might be able to get you out on the beach/landboard if your just learning. Do u have a similar post on kiteforum as well?

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5 Sep 2018 9:57PM
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That looks very old, ie maybe not as safe as could be,
Suggest anyone buying secondhand kite gear in tassie ask expe ft s here before purchasing,
No matter how cheap not worth it if not safe, and most likely not as easy as new gear

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6 Sep 2018 6:10AM
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Hey josh,
Where about in tassie are you?
If you're in hobart we could catchup and have a look.

I agree it looks like the old 2 line setups that were not very safe, especially in the frontal, gusty conditions.

Ps here is a forum chat about it from 2003 that i see you have connected to.

How mush did you pay?

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6 Sep 2018 8:17AM
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Hi guys, thanks for the replies. It's much appreciated. The care in another man's safety even more so .
I'm located in Launceston.
I only paid $50 for it, so no big loss if it doesn't work out.
Yes I put a reply to an old post on about a similar kite.
I understand how all you experienced guys are thinking right now. I have been where you are in other hobbies of mine, where I'm the expert shaking my head at the newbie.

I don't have a board yet so my plan was to just take it up to the local footy field and start getting the feel of it.

I took the kite out of the bag last night and indeed found that it has been rigged up for 2 lines. I had it laid out in my lounge room so not all that much space to figure out what goes where. I will lay it out in the backyard on the weekend and try and figure out how to change it over to 4 lines. If there's anyone in Launeston area that would be willing to have a look at it with me that would be great!

Unfortunately the 2 smallest struts have leaks in the bladders, which is a shame but I will get that fixed up easy enough.......hopefully.

I've removed the loop at the back of the bar.

Yes I know of the safety risk involved in using this chicken loop as it doesn't have a safety release. I plan on getting a quick release before I fly it on the oval.

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6 Sep 2018 10:13PM
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Patching the struts, check youtube for great videos. Also kite repuboic will sell small patches that just stick on .

Sandy Feet
NSW, 1 posts
8 Sep 2018 5:28AM
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I don't mean to be a party pooper
but your not gonna have much fun with this kite.
Please. Please don't play with it on land. . . . you can't re-bridle this kite to convert the line system "It is what it is"
It's not safe!!! it's way way way too old. .
when I was in Tassy last time I had to buy a 2003 wipika full 'C' another dangerous kite just to get it off the markt
PLEASE PLEASE get modern gear & LESSONS!!
if you seriously want to take up Kiteboarding it's gonna cost a couple of hundred bucks.
you can get a 2012 model from melbourne or the local boys in hobart
GET A LESSON. . . you have to know how to LAUNCH, LAND and RELEASE & RESCUE. .
then move on to the bodydrag then board
Find a shallow'ish spot with plenty of downwind clear space like:
Stanly in a NE
or in the southwest corner of the pittwater at 7milebeach in a NNW-NW
or if its light mabye dorans, cremorne or down southarm way on the flat water bay side or even the Lakes
if you get it wrong down tassy can be serious. . the wind is denser so stronger and can change rapidly
if you learn properly you'l stick with it but if you get smashed the first few times your gonna give up
so if you like what you see on line and realy want to get into jumps or surf
do youself a favour go MODERN 2012-2016 go SAFE learn what NOT to do !!
when you loose control the kite takes control and your along for the ride
SO practice in 10-12 knts in wide open shallow water with few people down wind
Be Prepared and Ready to use your Safety
Sorry for the long winded rant but well
I've have the SCARES of getting inside yourlines and the kite takes off when landing
"Stay upwind & outside of your lines folks"
I have felt the FEAR of having a my bar get twisted around the centrelines making the kite death loop
there are solutions to all these situations you can learn from "Experiance" or from "The experianced"
so contact a school and see if anyone can help you get into it . . you'll only need 1x2 hour lesson and the rest you can get online
good luck


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