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Created by Southerlychange > 9 months ago, 17 Mar 2021
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17 Mar 2021 8:06AM
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Gidday all,
I live around Scamander and just got my kite kit. Are there any kiters around this area as I've never seen one and I have lived up here for 3 years and looks very kitey with lots of flat water and ocean spots. I'm going to slowly self teach as I can't find any lessons in Tas. I come from a surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding background so riding shouldn't be a issue once I can sail. Looking for kite crew to session with once im not a hazard to myself or others. Anyone kite around the north east or any spot tips?

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23 Mar 2021 10:49AM
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Hi Nige,

I live in Scamander and have kited a bunch around there. There is a small crew in St Helens/Scamander, but many are part time residents. I will be there around Easter so PM me and we can kite if you are about.

Re spots. Scamander River mouth and Cozy Corner are the pick of the local spots for waves and any wind with East in it. Heaps of Down winder opportunities from Falmouth to up near Beaumaris or St Helens point if you want to stretch your legs. For flat water (anything with North in it), you can hit up the Southern side of Georges Bay. I think it is **** 'cause it is flat, gusty, cold, stinky, rocky and full of sea weed but people kite there a lot, esp. in Westerlies. In a Northerly with West in it you also can do a mission to the wind farm... I think it's Cape Portland? There are bunch of other spots too... just go for a drive and have at it.

Have fun! Cheers, Pat


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