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Ozone infinity V2

Created by bramber 1 month ago, 21 Jun 2022
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21 Jun 2022 7:09PM
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Anyone tried this board?

I'm a bit torn about whether to go 144 or 148. Im 90 kg and plan to use it mainly from around 10 to 15 knots ideally. Prefer manouvarability rather than pushing extreme lightwind limits, but also dont want a board too small for the conditions. Which is better size?

Ozone Kites Aus
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22 Jun 2022 2:11PM
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I'm 75kg and find the 1.44x47 is fine for most of the lighter days when I would ride it. I think you would do better with the 1.48x48 The V2 is a big improvement on the V1, tracks better and turns well, I can ride it toeside no problem.


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"Ozone infinity V2" started by bramber