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Tricks Progression

Created by KarolinaKite > 9 months ago, 20 Feb 2019
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20 Feb 2019 2:27PM
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Hello everyone,
How is your kiteboarding progression going at the moment?
I am asking because at the moment I will be releasing tricks progression tutorials on my Youtube Channel. They aren't typical tutorials, as I feel there needs to be a story behind progressing to the next level. There are multiple factors responsible for learning new tricks. In Australia, in general, progression is easy because of perfect winds and amazing spots. However, sometimes we want to progress in a direction that is not good for us. We get inspired by 'pro riders' that very often spend 100x more time on the water than us.
This is why I am inviting you to go back to your basics and make them look badass!


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20 Feb 2019 4:24PM
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Would you care to discuss over dinner?

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22 Feb 2019 1:02PM
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quikdrawMcgraw said..
Would you care to discuss over dinner?



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"Tricks Progression" started by KarolinaKite