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Kite size

Created by calebclarkson 7 months ago, 13 Oct 2019
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13 Oct 2019 8:19AM
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Hey guys I'm completely new but don't have any idea of what size or type of kite I need. I'm around 74 kg and 5'11". Cheers

QLD, 86 posts
14 Oct 2019 12:46AM
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Depends where your going to kite ?? ie average wind speed for your area ,Im 100kg ,area i kite kite is central QLD ,7,10 and 12 m kites ,I use my 12 most of the time ,As for what type ,go for something with a good name: Cabrinha ,Core,North Duotone,Naish,Liquid force thats not too old 3 or 4 years thats been looked after to start with as you will end up getting a couple for different win conditions ,I wouldnt buy new for your first kite as you will probably smash it around a bit,Go get yourself a couple of lessons and talk to your instructor ,Dont worry about a trainer ,Good for about 10 min ..
Good luck bud:]

VIC, 730 posts
18 Oct 2019 9:26PM
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Hey Cable
Your post needs to say where you live.
We get different winds in different parts of Australia. Doesn't matter anyway, like NT said, get lessons. Your instructor or the local shop are the only people you can trust when it comes to kite and board size

WA, 357 posts
18 Oct 2019 9:58PM
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Always rig for the lulls

QLD, 896 posts
21 Oct 2019 7:02AM
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Caleb, go to a kite shop and ask there. Not here. Weight, location, and skills are all factors that no one can answer for you on a forum. Ask professionals and yes invest in those lessons.


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