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Kite recommendations please :)

Created by Macca2003 > 9 months ago, 20 Dec 2018
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20 Dec 2018 9:41PM
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Hi everyone,

I am a 16 year old from Perth and I'm looking to get into kitesurfing. I am hoping to get some lessons, but wanting to get a head start on gear options etc. I weigh 64Kg.
So far, reading forums and reviews, it seems that the Cabrinha Switchblade seems to be a popular choice for learners? Is this correct? I know I will need a 're-launch' friendly kite. I do wakeboard alright, hopefully this might give me a little help!

Thanks I advance for your help,

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21 Dec 2018 12:36AM
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Hey bud,

Welcome to the beach. I have a Crossbow but it is an old kite but has served me well. I have a 10m. And a 128cm board with a lot of rocker.

As a newbie I needed quite strong winds to ride along with that setup But as I got better with board technique I could ride in lighter winds. I was also 16 when I started and around 75kgs. But I suggest getting a bigger board. I ended up making a plywood board 150cm by 50cm to ride on light wind days.

I would suggest something bigger than 10. If i were to buy another kite I would buy a 12. Or have a bigger board.

A 10m is a versatile size for me and I have ridden it in 10 knots to 30 knots. Grossly over powered but when that's your only kite you make it work. Don't try that though. Bad idea for beginners especially.

Hope that helps. Have fun and be safe.

Cheers, Mozzie

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21 Dec 2018 6:41AM
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Hey Macca.
Firstly don't listen to Mozzie.
At your weight you'll want about a 7. Secondly, don't listen to me, the only place for sound advice is your local shop and your kite instructor. Everyone else is just full of BS

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21 Dec 2018 7:04AM
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Yeah i strongly recommend take lessons first. Your instructors will guide you in the right direction, but most importantly learning safely, i.e. safe wind conditions, kite control without dive bombing others, kite safety systems, how to use them and when, and self rescue. Critical points of learning. Then you'll have a better idea on gear to purchase.

Things can turn to custard pretty quickly. So for your own safety and the safety of others take lessons, then get your gear.

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21 Dec 2018 8:36AM
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Hi Macca2003

there are endless options for beginner friendly kites that are safe and easy to relaunch. Don't focus on equipment just yet. Invest in some quality lessons first and you will have plenty of time to discuss equipment choice with your instructor during the lessons.

As psychojoe mentioned, for your body weight, a 7 or 8m kite would be just fine to cover your usual 18-25 knots days.

Hopefully you have enough money saved up. Avoid buying cheap second hand gear without expert advice, and get yourself enough quality lessons so you become a safe, confident and independent kiter.


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21 Dec 2018 9:43AM
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Lessons first before you fly anything! Safety first. This sport can seriously **** you up if you don't know the basics.
Kites- A reputable brand like Cabrinha Switchblade, North (Duotone) Evo, Ozone Edge and others in a freeride style is probably the best way to go for a newbie. Newer the kite the safer you are in getting something not so flogged out. Stay away from C and hybrid C kites. Your not Aaron Hadlow yet.
Same goes for boards. Get a more freeride orientated board. Don't go too aggressive on the rocker. Flatter the board is the easier it is to get upwind. As a learner you will basically be trying to stay upwind most of the time until your skills develop.


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