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Kite & Board for Beginner

Created by jazziekite > 9 months ago, 6 Jan 2019
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6 Jan 2019 5:23PM
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Hi Everyone,
I'm looking for some recommendations on a new kite and board for Perth conditions e.g best size kite and board To learn on
Im new to the sport and have done quite a few lessons and am now comfortable to buy some gear.
I am 161cm and weight 70kg
Thank you

VIC, 755 posts
6 Jan 2019 11:41PM
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This question gets asked quite a bit and the answer is always the same. Ask your instructor, they know best. Go to your local shop and buy what they recommend. If you're strapped for cash buy second hand from the shop.
You can go cheap on the board, most people lose their first board anyway.


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"Kite & Board for Beginner" started by jazziekite