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Created by Darryl F > 9 months ago, 25 May 2019
Darryl F
NSW, 58 posts
25 May 2019 2:15PM
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Hi everyone,

Does anyone have any advice around getting support from WOO.

I have a WOO 2, it's probably 18 months old but only been used a couple of times (I don't get out kiting much anymore).

Whenever I connect my WOO to my phone (iPhone 7), it says there is an update available and I click to start the update. It works fine until it gets to step 3/4 Updating Firmware and goes through once but then goes back to 1% and just sits there. It won't do anything until I turn the phone off.

I have tried all avenues, originally e-mailing and I received 1 response with a few ideas (none that worked). I was put onto Robert Bratz (distributor in Oz) through the shop I purchased it from and he put me onto global support people to assist with a warranty and since then have received no responses. I also e-mailed the support address again and no response.

I kinda get the impression there is no support available in Australia with WOO - is that correct? I thought this should be a fairly easy fix but have spent months getting no-where now.

I am off to Mauritius for 2 weeks in July (yehaaaaaaa!), so super keen to get this sorted.

Does anyone have any advice on who to contact or has anyone experienced the same problem and have a fix?



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