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Kiting in Nhulunbuy

Created by Beersy > 9 months ago, 26 Mar 2010
TAS, 751 posts
26 Mar 2010 9:03PM
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For the Darwin guys, What is the Kiting like in Nhulunbuy (If anyones been). Just got six months of work on the East Arnhem communities and we'll be based at Nhulunbuy... I'll Be taking the Kites anyways since I'll be back to darwin 2 or three times, but is it worth taking them to Nhulunbuy or should I leave them in Darwin? Anyways, Should see you guys the end of May. Just gotta fix the hole in my 15

QLD, 125 posts
26 Mar 2010 10:35PM
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Mate, I dunno, but I lived in Weipa for 5 years, and was out fishing with a mate once when his Akubra blew off. Before we could turn around to pick it up, a shark 8 it!

QLD, 312 posts
26 Mar 2010 10:56PM
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Couldn't see it being too different to darwin. If it is anything like darwin then you'll definitely be needing your 15. Darwin doesn't really have consistant wind. It just kind of comes whenever. but usually when it comes it sticks around for a few weeks at least.

Also dont kite near creeks because you'll probably become dinner for a salty.

T one
NT, 321 posts
27 Mar 2010 1:46AM
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plenty wind, spesh in the s/e trades, typically 5-10 knts more than darwin. if you are there next week, you will need a 5M. it's gonna rock! (cyclone)

TAS, 751 posts
27 Mar 2010 12:06PM
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Yeah it was the Crocs i was thinking about... Is there a main beach where it is "safe" to swim?

QLD, 29 posts
27 Mar 2010 7:33PM
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Hey Beersy we have crocs where we kite and we're not scared because we know about the Pterodactyl theory
Crocs are living dynasores right?
So back then they we're preyed upon by Pteradactyls and now when they see the shadow of a kite they piss off-not so safe for polies though
My experience on the east coast of Cape York and Torres Straits is during the trade wind season and cooler water months the crocs usually move into the esturies and are not so much of a problem on the exposed beaches
Mate i'd definatly take my kites and check it out as your sure to have wind

NT, 2160 posts
28 Mar 2010 11:54AM
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Hey Beersy,

Definitely take your gear dude!!!!!!

A bunch of us DKC mob have been there a few times during the dry, I've gone once as a poley, and now as a kitey, a bunch of times for my work with no water time but I checked the scene.

The wind is similar to Cairns in the dry, 20 to 30 knot sou'easters and like T one said, always higher than Darwin by 5 or 10 knots. The main town beach or where the surf club is can be a great spot, and very close too, and with your experience, no problems. Not the easiest place if your learning, not easy like Darwin anyway. When you get adventureous, you can travel to other beaches which are way better for kiting but the wildlife is way more dangerous too. Just make sure your gear is in good nic, anything sus, fix it!! You can even get some waves there.

Don't get me wrong, its real wildman country in Gove, but the pay off is good 'cause it can get really good there, infact thats where I learn't to jump, in my early days. Unless your into fishing, your gunna want your kiting gear for sure!

Good luck,



ps don't forget to worry about the sharks too, plenty of them too!!!!!

TAS, 751 posts
28 Mar 2010 9:39PM
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Alright, definitely going to take it . Just found today out we get three flights out of there during the time we're there too, so should be getting a few weeks back at Cas beach. I'll Have to bring some Heiniken

WA, 521 posts
28 Mar 2010 6:50PM
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Yeah go out to the sand spit near the load out wharf if its still open to the public., flat water smokin SE trade winds 15 -25 knots. Take your fishing rod to catch dinner as well, all sorts of stuff swims by there...


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