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Kiting gear near coffs harbour

Created by fritho 9 months ago, 25 Oct 2019
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25 Oct 2019 9:06PM
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I'm staying at woolgooga just north of coffs. Stacks of wind around and I've broken my harness. Google is giving me f@#k all about kite boarding shops near me. Any advice on where to get new gear tomorrow would be much appreciated

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26 Oct 2019 6:10AM
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No kite shops anywhere on that part of the coast that I know of. Fix your old one or maybe one of the locals can help you out. Good luck. Was plenty of wind Yesterday and today's forecast looks better. ??

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26 Oct 2019 12:45PM
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Maybe a Facebook or WhatsApp group and look for 2nd hand gear?

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27 Oct 2019 11:17AM
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We could get something to you by Tuesday?

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27 Oct 2019 2:59PM
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Take up knitting..

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28 Oct 2019 7:30AM
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hope you got your harness fixed brah was nuking up that way on satdy


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"Kiting gear near coffs harbour" started by fritho