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Kitesurfing in Tassie?

Created by pathking > 9 months ago, 5 Dec 2008
WA, 15 posts
5 Dec 2008 10:33AM
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heading to Burnie then down to Hobart over the next few weeks. Was wondering if anyone has any good local knowledge for me?

WA, 42 posts
5 Dec 2008 2:43PM
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Yeh I'll be in Tas over christmas as well - Haven't been kiting there but I've heard there's a bit of a kiting crowd starting to gather. I reckon I'll check out some spots on South Arm such as Cremorne (maybe lagoon?) Seven Mile, Clifton etc.
Same though, any local kiting advice would be great!
Trying to think of beaches there that aren't onshore on a seabreeze..

TAS, 778 posts
5 Dec 2008 7:02PM
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This weekend a crew of around a dozen will be camping at Bakers Beach in Narwatapu Natioinal Park.
Forecast is 20-25kn WNW all weekend. Come on down!
More info at


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