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Kite in Fiji

Created by sydfr1208 6 months ago, 14 May 2019
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14 May 2019 7:47AM
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Hi kiters,

We would like to go kiting in Fiji, in July. As we have only four days, it is a bit short and expensive to go on a small island, so I was looking at spots on the main Fiji Island. Does anybody ever kite in Sogatoka (one hour south from Nadi)?

From this website, the spot looks great for beginner, intermediate:
Does anybody can recommand the spot or another one?
We have started kiting only in November and are still reluctant to kite if there is nobody...

Thanks a lot,

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14 May 2019 10:45AM
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Will be on the coral coast for the last 10 days of July, then near cloud break for the next 10. Never been before, it's a coral island, and at a guess will only be kiteable a few hours each side of high tide.

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15 May 2019 4:34PM
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22-29/7/9 staying near outrigger resort, south east of the large river opening, not far south south east of Nadi. Will kite with booties if the tide and wind coincide, otherwise- surfing.

Not expecting to kite but will! Packing a12 and 8, 6'0 and 6'6 to surf and kite. Fml if I snap 2 boards on day one.

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17 May 2019 1:52AM
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Quite a few years ago (so this is from memory) we went to nananui ra on north eastern side. Very affordable for self contained cottages and only a short boat ride from mainland. It is quite a drive from airport but well worth it for flat water. Good snorkelling too.

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3 Jun 2019 9:48AM
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Kited there last year at Sikatoga Beach.

Isolated spot, locals charge you a couple of dollars to park as you drive through their yard to the spot.
If you dont pay you need to climb the dunes - its a hike but a good experience.

Lots of timber on the beach and the waves are heavy. Nice sand to launch / land - no coral.
I kited alone several times and didn't see anyone else. Windy as - kited an 8m 1-1/2 overhead waves
Need your wits about you - mess up and your on your own.

I have also kited 'the village lagoon' - a flat spot mid coral coast next to the jetty.
Easy sand bottom flat water- can kite it on mid- low tide. Easy launch and land

Also kited out from Hideway resort - didn't stay there just parked and walked in - all good with the staff who helped launch.
Got to be careful of the coral on the sand which will tear your kite if you drag over it. Coral heads in lagoon on mid tide
Wave breaks on high tide in the channel and can surf it. Cant sail low tide

Windsurfed out from Shangri-la a dozen years ago - the lagoon and channel are good - jump one side and flat water charge the other.

Pretty much all the spots on the coral coast except Sikatoga need high tide.
Always been windy enough to sail 5 days from 7 when I have been there - I hire a car and drive around myself.
I take 14, 11 & 8m kites - have used them all

Locals always help you out and pick up the hitchhikers they will tell you some spots.
There are heaps of other spots to find - just cruise the coast and pick a spot.
Good luck.

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2 Aug 2019 12:29PM
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Back from 19 days in Fiji.

Spent a week on the coral coast-Namatakula is well worth a visit!


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