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Is it ok to do hooked-in tricks with boots?

Created by bramber > 9 months ago, 19 Oct 2019
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19 Oct 2019 4:07PM
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I'm a bit of a beginner when it comes to riding in boots. Just curious, when it comes to jumping, tricks and rolls etc, if riding in boots should these generally be done unhooked for safety in case of catching an edge or crashing (in which case you can just drop the bar to depower) or is it ok to also do these manoeuvres while hooked in and riding boots? Is there a good way to minimise injury in the case of the board acting like an anchor in the water when crashing?

NSW, 3339 posts
19 Oct 2019 4:17PM
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Sometimes it's obvious that it's safer not to unhook.

Edit: I just read that you wrote 'boots' with a T.

VIC, 109 posts
20 Oct 2019 10:17AM
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bjw said..

Sometimes it's obvious that it's safer not to unhook.

Edit: I just read that you wrote 'boots' with a T.

Leave your mum out of this...

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20 Oct 2019 7:24AM
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Do what the hell you want.

QLD, 49 posts
20 Oct 2019 1:41PM
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Do what ever feels comfortable.
Only real way for injury when crashing and board acting like a anchor i.e. grabbing a rail.
Is if your kite is pulling hard into the wind window left or right once you've stacked.
That you have a chance of doing a acl.
As your board is going straight but you are getting pulled/hauled either left or right.
It's more ok on newer kites as they have better depower than a c type kite and any old c kites.
With boots you can load up the rail way harder when it's cranking.
Super comfy for landings etc.
But there are good straps/bindings that you can really lock your feet into.
Naish apex are good.
But yes your are running a higher chance percentage wise wearing boots.
Minding only a small percentage of riders wear boots.
When wakeboarding you let go throw the bar as soon as you know you've ****ed a trick or you learn very quickly.
But in kiting you usually aren't doing 23/27 knots when you are doing a pass.

NSW, 82 posts
21 Oct 2019 10:00AM
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I've been riding boots for about 3 years and I'm a kook. Only just doing raleys now.
Caught edges and ate sh!t, comes with the territory.
Theres no rules though, if you want to ride boots and long as you are competent enough go for it.

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21 Oct 2019 8:15PM
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Doing board offs and one footers in boots is guaranteed to get you big cred back on the beach!

Otherwise knock yerself out. Plenty of hooked in tricks at KOTA and plenty of boots riders there too.


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