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Sup or surf foil for kiting

Created by Jonopark 2 months ago, 8 Dec 2019
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8 Dec 2019 1:29PM
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Never foiled before but with the traffic at the locals I need to escape!
West oz kiteboarding have a 2018 FANATIC FLOW S1 SUP/SURF FOIL (with 65cm mask) for sale I like the look of -
Or I was thinking the Airrush AK surf foil with 60 or 80cm mask.
Im 85kg and want to just cruise and catch some fat burgers and run over some boogers.

Am I on the money with these 2 foils?
Should I be looking at taller masks???
And if anyone has an old board for sale let me know as not much around.

WA, 607 posts
8 Dec 2019 2:25PM
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Of those 2 choices I would pick the ak surf foil with 80cm mast.

The first gen fanatic foil was a bit of an odd design and it was not very well received. If you look at fanatics latest offering it is a totally different design and much more in line with what everyone else is doing.

The AK foil is a big wing for your weight at 1300cm, its design is quite similar to the naish thrust which I think is a decent wing but not the latest cutting edge design. You will have a lot of lift and be able to ride swells nicely but you might not have a great top speed and you might struggle to stop it breaching at higher speeds.

I am basing these opinions on my general foiling knowledge, I have not used either of the foils.

Personally I think 70-80cm is the ideal mast length for freeride/waves kite foiling on a bigger wing. Less than 70cm is definitely too short, many people prefer a 90cm mast or 1m its a personal preference thing.

QLD, 4860 posts
8 Dec 2019 4:46PM
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Plenty of lighter folks riding bigger wings, don't worry about that.

You'll find learning on a short mast initially easier, then you'll need a longer mast.

I'd add to the above comment that you wouldn't want to go much shorter than 75cm mast, you start to risk poking wingtips out of the water...

First foil should be cheap and modular because you're going to hammer it, especially if you're chasing waves. When you have some skills up can demo gear and will have a better idea of what you want.

NSW, 1426 posts
9 Dec 2019 4:06PM
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Don't settle for a shorter mast. A dude with your skills will quickly get it and you will want a longer mast. I have not flown either of those wings so I can't comment. Enjoy the ride, I have a feeling you will be pretty stoked once you get over the 5 hours of ****, bangs and bruises. You will soon learn that upwinders are mighty fun, and heading back down chasing swell will get you pretty stoked.

VIC, 243 posts
10 Dec 2019 12:04PM
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Anyone used one of these? Can you surf swell on it. Or anyone tried the biggest wing in the range on a kite?

NSW, 1144 posts
10 Dec 2019 12:35PM
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Original Fanatic S1's fuselages (composite plastic) were not overly strong. It was pretty easy to have large front wing shear from fuselage.


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