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Anybody out there foiling using PL Arcs?

Created by Arcprof 4 months ago, 14 Oct 2019
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14 Oct 2019 7:54PM
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Always been a PL arc or twinskin fan and have used them to progress to intermediate stage on a foil board. Have learnt a lot about these kites while learning to water start and carving onto toeside. Early on, my go to kite was a 19m Venom 2. Then I worked out my 16m did a better job with less effort. This worked in winds 12 to 18 knots. I had it super depowered which allowed me to get some kite speed while cranking it on the starts. In stronger winds I was stumped. Tried my 12m Synergy but just couldn't get up on the board with it. Figured it was just my technique as this kite worked well on a TT in 25 to 30 knots although getting upwind was an issue. This kite is 10 years old but is stable and an old friend. More recently I've been using my 10 Venom 2 on the big days with the TT and was surprised how it seemed to go better than the 12. The 10 has a lot less hours on it than the 12. I've now learnt that these kites do loose performance with age. So tried the 10 on the foil board in 15 to 18 knots. Getting up was no problem with a couple of crisp sines and quickly discovered this was THE kite for me in fresher conditions. My older more used kites seem to flare in the turns and are slow to develop power just when you need it when water starting a foil board. Mates have told me you learn so much more about your kites when foiling and its true. Cheers Jim

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14 Oct 2019 8:37PM
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How is foiling on an arc? I've occasionally wondered how'd they be for foiling in "waves"...

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15 Oct 2019 12:48PM
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I am using the Peter Lynn Nova
Love it
Tried foils in the waves, (Nova) was really good especially if you don't want to park the kite.
Its not cross shore very often so I found the kites designed to park were not as good as others so I tried the Nova.

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17 Oct 2019 7:31PM
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I asked this question when I was learning and the consensus at the time was that it was annoying having to keep bottom hand pressure on the bar to stop the kite from self zenithing.

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19 Oct 2019 2:04AM
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Just like windsurfing Arcs were canceled about 10 year ago. PeterLynn doesn't even make them anymore.

That said if you enjoy flying them then go foiling. They are typically big slow kites for their power. Slow is not ideal for foiling. But they would drift nicely so that would be a bonus.

I had a 10m venom back in the day and it was a fun kite. But smaller just as powerful faster to turn lei with WAY more depower is way more dynamic and fun.

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21 Oct 2019 10:21AM
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In the museum maybe


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