'Up-Cycling' Old Kitesurfing Kites in Madagascar

Recognize that sail cloth? They're made from old kiteboarding kites!
In third world countries, even the simplest of materials can be hard to come by. Decent fabric for sails is one, but these two kiteboarders knew just where to find some.

Old kitesurfing kites!

These days, old kites are good for making trendy man-bags, hammocks and not much else! At least until they’re put in the hands of a few locals in Madagascar, who have the perfect use for old C kites which should never be flown. They used them as sail cloth!

Check out the photos snapped of them using sections of an old Slingshot Fuel, and Cabrinha FX as sails for their traditional sailing boats. Far more durable, and lighter than any other fabric found on the island, those kites might have flown terribly – but they must sail great compared to the old versions!