Kite Chicks on Social Media Vs Real Life (not always sexy!)

If you’re a kiter then you know that some sides of this sport are glamorous, and you know that more often than not, it’s not. There are boogers on your face and hair that’s a mess, you go bodydragging through seaweed and crash your kite in the trees. But on social media, life is always perfect!

Megan Grant gets it… She dates one of the worlds most popular kiteboarders on social media (Jake Kelsick) who to the general public, does an exceptional job of looking perfect all the time. She gets to see behind the scenes though, and after starting her own VLOG this year, she’s calling out all those perfect kiteboarders on social media.

It’s not always as glamorous as it seems, especially for the kiter chicks!

From realizing you forgot your bar, to pumping up your kite and putting on your harness upside down. Kiteboarding is fun, but not always sexy. Check out this funny little clip from Megan Grant, who gets it…