3 Easy Kiteboarding Tricks you can try this weekend

Kitesurfers have two definitions of ‘mowing the lawn’; the first, is the act of actually mowing ones grass. Walking back and forth across the yard, pushing a lawn mower, getting covered in grass and usually sunburnt.

The other, is kiteboarding back and forth across the beach, pulled by a kite, getting covered in salt water and usually sunburnt.

Don’t be a lawn mower, try these three tricks on your next kitesurfing session. They’re easy, and can be learnt in just one session!

Easy Trick #1: Downloop Transition
Have you ever seen a kiter ride straight at the beach, flick to toeside and crank around a huuuuuuuuge bucket-throwing turn? Chances are, that person did it thanks to a downloop transition. To start, enter a turn by letting your board slide a little to slow down, then instead of pulling the kite overhead and in the new direction – steer it down and in the other direction! Don’t be scared, turn the kite hard and be ready to go scooting off the other way. Once you get comfy, switch to toeside first, then downloop, for a smoother transition.

Easy Trick #2: Tailstand stops
Cranking in to the beach, and then sliding along on the very tail of your board feels great when done right, and looks amazing! Practice out in the deep water, by getting some speed and bearing downwind a little to flatten your board. Lean right back, lift your front foot hard and try to get the nose as high as you can. Take your back hand off the bar to help you lean back a little more, and you’ll come screeching to a halt – throwing buckets of spray out in front.

Easy Trick #3: Smash a wave to pieces
This is still one of the best moves in kiteboarding, and all it requires is good timing and lots of speed. Switch to toeside, (and if you haven’t learnt to do that – get on it!) and keep your speed up by edging hard into the wind. Pick a wave you’d like to obliterate and as you approach, flick the kite up and through the window (or downloop as per Easy Trick #1!) and carve around through the wave. As you hit it, push the board out and edge as hard as you can to watch buckets of spray explode upwind. For the best results, do this at sunset on the last run of the day.