2017's biggest release 'The Bubble' out now FREE!

It's your turn to grab the popcorn. The Bubble is out now!
It’s been the only kite movie that’s received critical acclaim from kiteboarders in 2017. They toured the world, drank a lot of beer and ate a lot of pizza. It featured all the pro’s you’ve come to admire, and they were all there to show it off at the premiers. Because the Bubble isn’t a kite movie about tricks. It’s about life as a professional kiteboarder.

And now, you can have ‘The Bubble’ for free.

“We’ve been having a blast premiering the film around the world. Meeting all the people and hearing everyone’s thoughts, has been one hell of an experience. All we can ask for at this point is that you play it out loud, on a big screen, with your friends, family, girlfriend and maybe even your dog.”

That’s the producers only ask of you. Play it loud. In return for the thousands they spent on touring the world, producing one of kiteboarding’s greatest movies and bearing their souls.

So what’s the name all about? Rewind to your last kiteboarding holiday. Remember the feeling of living, eating, breathing kiteboarding? All you think about is the wind, your next session, your gear. That’s what it’s like for professional kiteboarders.

All the time.

Until they're too old, and the bubble pops...

“We're all so detached from normal life. We travel the world doing what we love, getting paid to do it. That's kind of all I know, that's all I've been doing since I left school.”— Aaron Hadlow.

Head over to their website to download the full movie (it’s 3gb, so perhaps wait until you have wifi!)